William the Conqueror history tour

Setting out from the Tourist Office, you can explore the outstanding architectural heritage of Caen at your own pace. Along this circuit you'll be able to admire the city's finest monuments as well as more secluded places, houses, streets, courtyards ; places that you can enjoy visiting alone or with others.

Map of the circuit


Free audio tour with the flashcodes system :
discover the city from your mobile

Depending on your mobile phone equipment, follow the instructions to enjoy a free interactive tour*.
Some signs (7 in total) from the famous historical “William the Conqueror” circuit are equipped with a flashcode (=an intelligent “barcode” enabling you to access multimedia content on your mobile more quickly and easily).
So you just need to take a photo of one of these fl ashcodes with your mobile phone, then you’ll hear an audio commentary about the monument you’re standing in front of.





The commentaries can also be downloaded for free from this website (only in french).

* except for connection cost. Telephones must be compatible with the Flashcode system, and you must have an internet connection and download the free application first.