Terms and conditions of sale

Our services

1) Our prices include:
All the services specified in our Technical File "Week-end Escapade à Caen".
2) Our prices do not include:
- transport, meals and beverages (reservations and payment are your responsibility)
- additional services requested after the initial booking has been made.
- any tourist taxes payable, administrative costs (for non-EU nationals).
- personal expenses.



1) Our prices are valid until the service has been delivered as specified in the Technical File.
2) The Tourist Office reserves the right to increase the prices stated in the document "Week-end Escapade à Caen" to reflect price increases from our external service providers. After the reservation is done, the price is guaranted.


Booking and Payment

1) The booking has to be done at least on Wednesday before the week-end (according to the hotel accommodation availabilities).
2) A booking is deemed to be firm and final after the sending of the reservation form by the Office and on receipt of the payment by the client. The payment will be due at the reservation.

3) The Tourist Office accepts payment in cash or by cheque when the booking is done on site (no payment by mail is accepted) and by credit card (for the bookings in advance).
4) Transaction and currency charges (outside the Euro zone) are the client’s responsibility.



1) The Tourist Office, acting as a tour organiser, has to select different service providers to deliver its programmes.
In these circumstances, any delays experienced cannot provide grounds for a claim for compensation from the Tourist Office.
2) In the event of a service provider going into liquidation during the tour or the holiday or if, for reasons beyond its control (political situation, requisitions, official travel movements, strikes, weather conditions, etc.), the Tourist Office is unable to provide a large proportion of the services agreed in the contract (representing 50% of the price paid by the purchaser), the Tourist Office will do everything possible to replace this with equivalent services.
If not, the Tourist Office will cancel all the services and refund the client.
Under no circumstances can the Tourist Office be held liable for circumstances beyond its control, for the actions of third parties not connected with the provision of the services agreed in the contract or for the improper performance of the contract imputable to the client. The Tourist Office cannot be held liable for services purchased in situby the client external to the product "Week-end Escapade à Caen".
3) The purchaser is responsible (this applies particularly to services provided to non-EU nationals and to school trips) for ensuring that all police, customs and health formalities have been completed. Under no circumstances can the Tourist Office be held liable for any failure to complete compulsory health and administrative procedures and under no circumstances can the Tourist Office take responsibility for completing these procedures or seek any elements related to them.


Alterations or cancellations

1) All alterations or cancellations must be notified to us in writing as soon as possible.
2) The cancellation of the week-end has to be done 48 hours before the week-end. After that delay, a charge of 60% of the total cost will be made.



1) Any tour cut short and any service not used by the client cannot provide grounds for a reimbursement. Changes to services for personal convenience may give rise to additional charges.
2) The Tourist Office requests that you kindly comply with the timetables stated on your documents. If no advance notice has been received, in the event of a “no-show” at the meeting-place, after one hour we will consider the service as being cancelled and you will not be entitled to any reimbursement.
3) The Tourist Office cannot be held liable for loss or damage to any purchases, personal possessions or vehicles.