Guided tours

Caen Tourist Office invites you to discover the city and its heritage all year round, accompanied by its tour guides. Just tell us the tour you’d like to go on and the desired date and times, and we’ll take care of the rest…


In the 11th century Caen was given a real boost under William the Conqueror as he decided to turn it into a strategic site and chose it as his main home. Three key sites in the city hark back to this period, giving it an emblematic identity : the Castle, the Men's Abbey and The Ladies'Abbey.


  • Guided tours :

- Guided tour of the city (with your own coach)

- Walking guided tour (2hrs)

- Panoramic tour of the city (1:30 to 2hrs)

- The D-Day Beaches (4 or 8 hrs)

- Guided tour "The Battle of Caen" (2hrs)


  • "A  la carte" guided tours (2hrs) :

For a specific request from history buffs or school programmes, we also offer other visits on the following themes : Stone of Caen, Reconstruction in Caen, Caen in the Middle Ages, Interior courtyards in Caen, Caen in the Renaissance, Caen in the Classical period, Private town houses, Caen and the New Century, Civilian life in Caen during the Battle of Normandy.


  • Rates
Price incl. VAT2H3H4H8HAdd. hour
Weekdays (Monday to Saturday)145€175€205€310€45€
Sunday, bank holidays185€205€245€340€45€

Guided tour with your own coach.
If you would like a guided walk the group must not have more than 35 people.
Prices are valid for a return trip to Caen and do not include any admission fees to the various museums.
For a programme, the full day guide is expected to eat lunch with the group.
You will be asked to pay a lunch fee of 20 € incl. VAT if the guide is free to take his lunch as he wishes.

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Discovery trails « Caen, secrets hunting »

«Caen secrets hunting» is an opportunity to discover the city at your pace.
This tour is a real showcase for the heritage of William’s capital. This trail will lead you from the castle to the Abbaye-aux-Hommes where King William is resting. As you solve the clues, it is a real chance for you to discover away from the beatentrack Caen’streets and monuments.
It s a matter of logic, observation, and a certain taste for mysteries.


  • Rates : 5€ for the circuit of 1hr30mn.