Matilda’s delights

Queen Matilda is another of the city’s emblematic figures. So it was only natural for a chocolate to be dedicated to her. Jérôme Boutel, a chocolate maker at the Charlotte Corday chocolate factory (an institution since 1910) pays tribute to the Queen with his creation, a chocolate consisting of candied orange peel mixed with roasted and crushed hazelnuts, surrounded by two thin layers of almond paste.
Charlotte Corday, 114 rue Saint Jean in Caen (02 31 86 33 25)


Drakkars and Cancans

The word “Drakkar” evokes many things in Caen. This confectionery treat was created in 1960 by the Hotot chocolate factory and pays homage in its own way to the Vikings who conquered Normandy. It is a crunchy meringue with a praline fondant centre.
You will also find at Hotot the famous "Cancans". It is said that the chocolate maker designed them as a tribute to three young women who were chatting (in French, “cancaner”) outside the chocolate shop. The craftsman invented three different chocolates, one for each of the girls: a thin ganache with champagne, an almond paste with rum and raisin and a praline with Cointreau.
Hotot, 13, rue Saint-Pierre in Caen (02 31 86 31 90)


The Toucan, Bisous de Caen and the Dame de Caen…

Created some 30 years ago by Monsieur Témoin, the Toucan is a hazelnut praline with a nougat feuilletine: a sweet treat which pays homage both to Caen and the bird from South America, home of the cocoa bean.
Bisous de Caen, (“Caen kisses”), pink chocolates in the shape of a mouth, are a white chocolate mousse flavoured with Calvados. The Dame de Caen, is an orange-flavoured almond paste with raisins soaked in Calvados.
The Témoin family established their business in Rue Saint-Pierre in 1877. Master chocolate makers from generation to generation, they handed over its reins in 2007.
Témoins, 69 rue Saint-Pierre à Caen (02 31 86 31 88)